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GuitaristWhen you witness a great friend and musician collapse at around 9:00 pm mid-gig from a heart attack and realise that it’s a life-or-death event, it really hits home how a timely intervention is needed to prevent a terrible tragedy.

Thankfully, that particular situation had a happy ending but it was from that near-miss that FEEL THE PULSE was born.

The aim of this initiative is with the help of local venues and performers to stage a series of live music events to be held throughout Southampton and its environs, in order to raise sufficient monies to purchase Automatic Emergency Defibrillators, (AED), adding to the increasing number of Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) available for emergency use.

Helping to fund the installation of PAD at music venues, ensures that more lives can be saved, particularly when required outside of normal ‘working hours’ when most musicians (and their audiences) are doing what they love to do.

Please donate your valuable time to this worthwhile cause, by performing at or attending our fundraising events. If you wish to make a financial donation, you will soon be able to use an Online Giving portal, found through our web pages and, of course, through cash donations at fund raising events.

Our fellow musician was very lucky to survive and have a satisfactory outcome, but what is the norm?

Based upon the data generated by The Resusitation Council on ‘Out of Hospital Outcomes’, related to ambulance attendance on Heart Attack casualties:

Less than 9% of Heart Attacks patients requiring an Ambulance Service intervention, have a satisfactory outcome. This outcome can be greatly increased with the action of CPR being given within minutes of the attack, followed by a defibrillator shock, if and when required.

For Further Information Please See The Resusitation Councils Paper Here! ! 

Ever-increasing workloads on our overworked Ambulance Services (the long lines of ambulances, held up at A&E entrances, waiting to unload their charges for example) can only mean longer delays in ambulance attendance.

We therefore need to help ourselves by bringing a potential first line of help into the areas of high public attendance, giving sufferers a better chance of survival.

With the development of modern Automated Emergency Defibrillators the need for training is greatly minimised - the device can instruct an untrained operator through the processes of pad placement and CPR rate analysis, and can then provide a shock to the patient if needed.

A satisfactory outcome is then far more achievable.

From our own survey on availability of PAD 's, we found that there were already a number of Public Access Defibrillators (PAD's) scattered around our area, but the majority of these devices are not attainable after normal working hours as many of them are situated within Doctor’s Surgeries, Dentists, Schools etc

Our plan is to encourage all evening venues to install PAD's at their premises. This will increase the number of PAD's accessible to the general public, at places and times of the day when they might be most needed.

Our view was reinforced by David Cameron at the recent Prime Minister, when he made a point of noting that there should be more PAD’s held in pubs and clubs across the country.

Locate your Nearest Automated External Defibrillator HERE!

(Which shows the nearest PAD. Plus Basic Life Support and AED Instructions)


What do PADs cost?

AEDThe approximate cost of a new AED can be less than £1000! It’s useful life can be more than 10 years with minimal ongoing costs. Units can be securely mounted so that they are instantly available when needed.

The following AED is the unit recommended by South Central Ambulance Services / Community First Attenders. It is suitable for both Adults and Infants.

See The iPad AED Here!

A major push to fund these units over the coming 12 months has now started. Once installed, the units will increase the cover offered to the general public and subsequently increase the survivability of more people.

All of the units purchased will become part of the Ambulance Services network of AEDs available for Public Use, and will be visible on the AED locator app.


So what do we do next? How will it work?

With your help and through the use of our Facebook, and feelthepulse.org web page, we would like our friends and fellow performers to bring the Feel the Pulse initiative to the attention of their local Clubs, Pubs, Cafes etc.

Venues can register, showing that they would be willing to have a PAD on site and would be willing to host a fundraising event. The PAD purchased with the aid of their fundraising efforts would then be held on their premises.

Our friends and fellow performers can also register, and can then donate their valuable time and resources to perform at these fund raising events.

Please register your interest.

The register will show a list of Venues willing to have a fundraising event and hold a PAD onsite, and for performers to have the opportunity to post their details and willingness to offer their services free of charge.

Venues can then organise their own event or use the Feel the Pulse organisation to assist in obtaining performers from the list.

A Group Calendar showing all fundraising events will be forthcoming as the project moves forward.

Through these pages it will promote all venues installing Defribillators, showing that they take seriously their duty-of-care commitment to their Customers.

The Feel the Pulse team will work closely with South Central Ambulance Service/First Responder Community to ensure the correct equipment is selected and all are made aware of any necessary training.